EasyTemplate for Groupwise

EasyTemplate for Groupwise

When I write mails in GroupWise, I sometimes need an easy way to select different templates.
So I have made this EasyTemplate plugin for the GroupWise Client (sorry only for the Windows client – the Crossplatform client do not support C3PO).

How does it work?
It puts an [EasyTemplate] button on your composer-window, and when you click on it – the EasyTemplate browserwindow appears, here you can select the template you like, click [ok] and finish your mail…


Click here to download EasyTemplate (lite version – with a timed [ok] click, but you can use it with no limitations), then make some html-templates documents and put them in the folder you select, EasyTemplate is then used as a browser to select them…

EasyTemplate works with GroupWise Version 6.5 – 2014

You are now ready to make your own customized html templates. To start with – you can download this template I’ve made.

Get the Enterprise-version.
If you like EasyTemplate and would like to buy the Enterprise-version (1€ per user + tax), where you don’t have this timed [ok] click, please email me at (bob@bbentzen.dk) and I will send you, your unlock code and invoice.

Happy GroupWise’ing

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